Leading Concepts Group
Leading Concepts Group

“The Universe is a continuous-web.  Touch it at any point and the whole web quivers.”
– S. Kunitz


homeDiligent planning and high expectations for investments in individuals, infrastructure, capital projects, and business development are at best mitigated, and worst marginalized, when they are entrusted to leadership teams and workforces that lack understanding of the interactive dynamics of their environment.  The result is a waste of talent, energy, resources, and a “spectator culture” that institutionalizes under-performance and victimhood.

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at MIT, states that businesses are “dedicated to mediocrity because they fail to recognize they are a collection of systems bound by an invisible fabric of inter-related actions”.  The Leading Concepts Group grounds the efforts of small and mid-size businesses working to reverse the grip of mediocrity by exercising a Business Methodology that is dedicated to elevating the Systems-Thinking capabilities, Personal Accountability, and Business Acumen of every individual in the organization, which in turn drives business excellence.

Business solutions that embolden success must be delivered and implemented in a way that transforms noble missions, values, and applicable cultural imperatives into actionable initiatives.  The Leading Concepts Group recognizes this as a great responsibility and promotes solutions anchored in high aspirations for its clients: Organizational Integrity, Growth, and Intelligence.  The Services for Organizational Excellence that deliver those aspirations are organized in three key service areas that include 1) Strategic Design and Execution, 2) Leadership and Management, and 3) Organizational Development.  Implementation is rigorous and substantive, but firmly rooted in each organizations’ unique business dynamics.