Leading Concepts Group
Leading Concepts Group


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” – RW Emerson

organizationalOrganizational Diagnosis – Proper organizational diagnoses results from a) thoughtful listening and inquiry, b) the suspension of all assumptions, c) how well resources are aligned to objectives, and d) the willingness of the executives and management to see their role, negatively or positively, in how the organization functions.  The Leading Concepts Group methodology moves alternately from one as an expert, drawing from a substantive base of knowledge and experience, to one where data-gathering, analysis, and diagnosis are conducted jointly with the client.  This combination insures that the correct interventions are applied.

Business Objectives and Resources Alignment – Leaders and managers have typically viewed themselves as the sole developers of solutions that they then impose on an uninspired and poorly trained workforce. They operate primarily from the “outside-in” believing they are the only individuals committed and equipped to advance the agenda of the organization, while failing to enroll (or completely discount) the talent of everyone in the system.  The Leading Concepts Group Model ritualizes the process of discovering and tapping into all the talent in the organization.

Change and Culture-Shift Management – Change initiatives are often met with some combination of low-energy, indifference, and resistance.  Leading Concepts Group will facilitate Change Management with practitioners trained in the development of change strategies and change execution.  Change sustainability is a function of the aggregate effectiveness of collaborative individuals and teams, understanding their interconnectedness in driving the result.  Changes in culture are impossible to mandate.  They evolve out of their environments and if it is not one of trust, safety, and one that rewards correct action versus pronouncements and posturing, it will not change.  The Leading Concepts Group will assist in designing the components to effect a Cultural Shift.