Leading Concepts Group
Leading Concepts Group


“Impediments to action advance action – what gets in the way becomes the way” – M. Aurelius

strategicStrategic Design – The vehicle by which an inspired leadership team and engaged workforce executes properly is a thoughtful strategic direction, grounded in a rigorously-constructed, well-aligned mission.  The Leading Concepts Group has the relevant experience and skills-sets to design actionable strategies.

Management Execution – Execution is not design; it is design in action and transforms creativity into relevance.  It goes beyond planning to a thoughtful consideration of the aptitude and capacity of the organization to execute.  The Leading Concepts Group works in a “teach a man to fish” mindset and is uniquely prepared to train the necessary skills, and evolve planning and high-expectations into quantifiable results.

Partnership in Execution – A critical trait of a system-thinking mindset is the recognition that the aggregate efforts of individuals charged with advancing the strategic plan may not have the capacity to do so.  This is not inherently good or bad – it is objectively assessing what the environment provides in terms of talent and capabilities, and how best to upgrade them if necessary.  Adding a resource that can entrench with the team to internalize training, add intellectual resources, and model performance leadership, may be an appropriate path for an executive team to consider.  The Leading Concepts Group can offer these hands-on resources in the form of a short intervention or a long-term partnership.